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Informational Questions for Senior Seminar - Fall 2002 - RESULTS

1. Are you in favor of gun control? _12__ Yes _4__ No

2. Are you in favor of abortion? _7__ Yes _9__ No

3. Do you attend church regularly? _10__ Yes _6__ No

4. Do you plan to have children? _16__ Yes _0__ No

5. Do you plan to attend graduate school? _10__ Yes _6__ No

6. Do you think we should attack Iraq? _10__ Yes _6__ No

7. If our nation went to war, would you voluntarily serve? _6__ Yes _10__ No

8. Do you drink and drive? _1__ Yes _15__ No

9. Do you own a cell phone? _13__ Yes _3__ No

10. Have you ever been out of the country? _11__ Yes _5__ No

11. Are you from Tennessee? _10__ Yes _6__ No

12. Do you believe the United States should invest more in space travel?
_5__ Yes _11__ No

13. Are you in favor of lowering the standards for admission of experimental drugs onto the market? _2__ Yes _14__ No

14. Has a member of your family committed suicide? _0__ Yes _16__ No

15. Did you come from a divorced family? _5__ Yes _11__ No

16. In your opinion, should gangs be eliminated? _13__ Yes _3__ No

17. Are you prejudiced with regard to race? _0__ Yes _16__ No

18. Did you vote in the last election? _8__ Yes _8__ No

19. Do you believe premarital sex is ok? _9__ Yes _7__ No

20. Would you sit next to a person who you know has AIDS? _16__ Yes _0__ No

21. Are you in favor of open immigration policies? _5__ Yes _11__ No

22. Do you own a weapon of any kind? _8__ Yes _8__ No

23. Do you donate blood? _7__ Yes _9__ No

24. Should the age for drinking be lowered? _2__ Yes _14__ No

25. Do you smoke? _5__ Yes _11__ No

Situations (please circle the more correct answer, in your opinion) -

1. You are walking down the street, and you see litter on the ground. You would
a. __7___ Pick up the litter and put it in the nearest receptacle.
b. __9___Walk past it and assume someone else will pick it up.
c. __0___Throw down more trash with it.

2. You are at the grocery store, and you have finished loading bags into your car. You are now stuck with the cart. You would
a. _11___Take it back to the store or the nearest cart holder in the parking lot.
b. __1___Leave it next to your car.
c. __4___Park it with other carts that have been left sitting randomly in the lot.

3. You became pregnant (if female) or your girlfriend became pregnant (if male) prior to marriage. You would
a. __3___Look for abortion options.
b. _13___Tell your parents and hope for their support.
c. __0___Look for adoption options.
d. __0___Leave town.

4. You pay for an item in a store and the clerk gives you back $5 in change instead of $1. You would
a. __6___Assume it is your lucky day and keep the money.
b. _10___Tell the clerk of the error.

5. You think that you have AIDS. Would you
a. _13___Schedule an appointment to be tested.
b. __1___Tell your parents or a friend.
c. __2___Give blood so you can be tested.
d. __0___Do nothing and hope it goes away.

6. You are taking a test and you are looking around the room just to think through an answer. You have no idea what the answer is. Accidentally you see the answer to the question on the paper of the person next to you. You would
a. __7___Leave the question blank.
b. __9___Put down the answer you saw.

7. You see someone coming toward you who looks dirty and homeless. You know he is going to ask for money. Do you
a. __4___Lower your head without speaking and get by as quickly as possible.
b. __7___Speak but offer no money when asked.
c. __5___Give your change to the person.

8. You are awakened by your next door neighbor, suite mate, etc., by extremely loud music. Do you
a. _15___Ask the person (either in person or by phone) to please turn down the music.
b. __1___Call security.
c. __0___Play music even louder.

9. You join a social group and learn that the first big event is to steal an item from a store. You would
a. _12___Get out of the group and hope that are no consequences.
b. __1___Report the group to some authority.
c. __3___Steal the item so you can remain in the group.

10. You learn that you have terminal cancer. You would
a. _10___Try all means of experimental medical treatment in the hope of being the one who finds the treatment.
b. __6___Request that life support be discontinued when you near the end.

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