20th Century
Einstein Revealed


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Review Questions

1. When and where was Einstein born? What do we know of his early family life?

2. What gift from his father stimulated his interest in science and why?

3. Why did Einstein frequently not attend class? Did he cause problems for himself with his absenteeism? If so, what were those problems?

4. What is the question about light that fascinated Einstein?

5. Explain (the best you can) the theory of relativity. Why is this such a radical thought?

6. What kind of experiments did Einstein pursue? What kind of experiments did others pursue relating to Einstein's work?

7. What famous equation came from Einstein's theory? What does it mean?

8. What kind of technologies come from Einstein's work? (This may require a little research.)

9. After viewing the video, how have your perceptions of Einstein as a scientist and as a person changed, if at all? What information most surprised you?

10. What were the advantages and disadvantages of Einstein's tremendous drive? Do you see any similarities between Einstein and other people who excel in other fields? Give examples.

11. Do you think Einstein was a happy man? Why or why not?

12. Einstein was affected by the political and social climate aound him. List the major events during Einstein's life. What effect did these events have on his career and personal life?

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