20th Century
Martin Luther King Jr.


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Review Questions

1. Was King's childhood environment a world of abject poverty and social pathology that is often found in studies of the black community? Explain.

2. Describe Martin Luther King's college education. What schools did he attend? What did he study? What impact did his college years have on Martin Luther King's life?

3. What event changed Martin Luther King's life and led to his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement?

4. What is the doctrine of nonviolent protest?

5. Describe Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy's relationship. How were the two men similar?

6. Describe the circumstances in Birmingham, Alabama, that led to Martin Luther King's arrest.

7. Who was Stanley Levison and what was his relationship to Martin Luther King?

8. Was Martin Luther King a flawed man? Explain. Is this important?

9. What impact did Martin Luther King's speech "Beyond Vietnam" have on his reputation?

10. Why was Martin Luther King in Memphis at the time of his assassination?

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