20th Century
Sigmund Freud: Analysis of a Mind


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Review Questions

1. Describe Freud's early childhood and family life.

2. What was Freud's interesting childhood hobby?

3. What type of education and training did Freud have?

4. Describe Freud's use and experiments with cocaine.

5. What were the prevailing views of hysteria in the late 1800s?

6. Describe Jean Charcot's influence on Freud.

7. Describe Josef Breuer's influence on Freud. What is "talking treatment"?

8. According to Freud, what is the root of all neurotic sickness? Is this reasonable?

9. What is transference?

10. What is free association?

11. What was Freud's most controversial idea?

12. Who was Freud's first non-Jewish follower?

13. Why was WWI a turning point in Freud's life?

14. What is the death drive or death instinct?

15. What impact did the rise of Nazism have on Freud and his family?

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