20th Century
Group Assignments


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Jessica Baker - art education
Sam Berkley - chemistry/math
Brian Carlton - communications
Lisa Chandler - accounting
Deborah Cleveland - sociology/theater
Pam Combs - elementary education, K-8
Kyle Dempsey - psychology
Nichole Garrett - exercise science
Angela Hamilton - psychology
Richard Lewis - history/English
Kevin Lonon - computer information systems
Derek Morales - computer information systems
Heath Morgan - history
Chris Nye - math, secondary education
Jen Roberts - political science
Becky Rogenmoser - political science
Allan Stafford - business/management
Samantha Wilson - art education

Debate Teams -
Group 1 - to be presented the week of September 9 -
We have decided to start our own town. How would you go about creation the town from a holistic or prescriptive technological approach?
Leader - Nicole
Holistic - Deborah, Derek, Heath, Becky
Prescriptive - Kevin, Allan, Brian, Jen

Group 2 - to be presented the week of September 16 -
Argue for or against stem cell research and cloning. Make sure you give sound scientific and/or philosophical bases for your decisions.
Leader - Richard
For stem cell research and cloning: Chris, Pam, Samantha, Angela
Against stem cell research and cloning - Sam, Lisa, Kyle, Jessica

Science (September 27) - how has our day-to-day life been changed by the creation of television? Discuss this topic with regard to shared experiences and reciprocity vs. pseudoreality (Franklin, Chapter 2 and other readings).
Pam, Samantha, Brian

Psychology (October 11) - Discuss Hitler as if you were Freud, Skinner, and Rogers. Could Hitler have been stopped if treated by any of these men?
Samantha, Kyle, Angela

Identity, ethnicity, nationality, and violence (October 25) - Discuss racism including Jim Crow laws, emigration laws, reactions by society to diverse populations.
Deborah, Jessica, Becky

Education and Postmodernism (November 1) -Compare the Enlightenment idea of education (knowledge) to that of the postmodernist idea of education
Chris, Nicole

Determinism and Free Will (November 8) - Is there ever a time when everyone agrees on a way of life? Take Prohibition as an example. What were the effects on society to prohibition laws and what were the pros and cons of prohibition?
Derek, Heath

Chaos Theory (November 15) - The Women's Movement - when and why did it come about, why was it needed, and why was it not easily accepted?
Lisa, Richard, Jen

Environmental Ethics (November 22) - Space exploration - discuss its history, why it came about, how if affects the environment, and its future implications if the environment becomes intolerable for humans.
Kevin, Allan

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