20th Century
Letter from Birmingham Jail


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Review Questions

1. What are some of the characteristics of an effective leader?

2. List any excerpts from the "Letter" which illustrate King's leadership style.

3. What means does King use to disarm his critics and enhance his own position?

4. Why did members of the southern clergy challenge the leadership of Martin Luther King?

5. What are the four steps of a non-violent protest? Why does King clearly explain the tactics of a nonviolent campaign in the "Letter"?

6. List some of the passages where King threatens his readers regarding the possible psychological effects of racial segregation. Why does King do this?

7. Why does King use examples from religion and history to justify his tactics?

8. Is the letter an example of effective communication between a leader and followers? Explain.

9. Was King a determinist or a believer in free will? Defend your answer.

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