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The Second Coming


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Study Questions

The Second Coming - A Manifesto - David Gelernter - Study Questions

1. How does Gelernter compare the software world to a book?

2. What are "cyberbodies"?

3. What does Gelernter mean by the statement "The Web makes the desktop impotent."

4. What reasons does Gelernter give for the windows-menus-mouse "desktop" interface being considered obsolete?

5. What is wrong with the design of the computer mouse?

6. Why does Gelernter say that the analogy between computers and file cabinets is wrong?

7. What is a lifestream?

8. Will paper be useful in the future? If so, how?

9. What is David Gelernter most known for?

10. What tragic event occurred in Gelernter's life in 1993?

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