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It is important for Lambuth to demonstrate that its graduates are well prepared for pursuits beyond college and that they are as well prepared as graduates from other colleges and universities in the United States.  Student achievement in core education areas, such as critical thinking and reasoning, is measured on the Academic Profile exam and is reported to our regional accrediting agency as well as our Board of Trustees.
We appreciate your cooperation in sitting for the exam and doing your best.  It means a lot for Lambuth, its reputation, and to you.
Friday, December 12th has been set aside for the Academic Profile exam for seniors graduating in Decmeber 2003 and May 2004 and students with at least 60 credit hours.  We ask that you prepare to take the exam at this time.  Please come to Hyde 215 at 8:15 with two (2) number 2 pencils and prepare to do your best.  We expect to be finished at 12:00 Noon.
The Academic Profile is required for graduation for seniors who did not take the CAAP test last year in December 2002 or in May 2003.  All juniors who did not take the CAAP must take the Academic Profile with an acceptable score prior to registration for Senior Seminar (2003-2004 Catalog, page 17).  An acceptable score has been defined by the University as achieving at least a Level 1 score on the test, which means basic proficiency.  Three proficiency levels are reported for each of three skill dimensions:  writing, mathematics, and reading/critical thinking.  Students who randomly mark answers without reading the questions will not be scored and will be required to take the test again.

October 15, 2003