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Debate Teams -
Group 1 - to be presented September 5 -
Air conditioning has changed our way of life.  Has it drawn us closer together or farther apart?
Closer - Erin, Amity, Leeanna, Leanne, Aimee
Farther apart - Kelly, Nicole, Holli, Jacky, Kendra
Group 2 - to be presented September 8
Argue for or against the use of chemicals in warfare.  Make sure you give sound scientific and/or philosophical bases for your decision.
For - Jason, Jason, Jarod, Katie, Pollyanna
Against - Celecia, Rod, Tim, Brandy, Alicia
Presentations -
Science (September 17) - How has our day-to-day life been changed by the creation of the cell phone?  Discuss this topic with regard to shared experienes and reciprocity vs. pseudoreality (Franklin, Chapter 2 and other readings) -
Jason, Jason, Kelly
Psychology (September 29) - Discuss Saddam Hussein as if you were Freud, Skinner, and Rogers.  What factors influenced his life and lead to war with the United States?  How would each psychologist have dealt with the reign of Hussein?
Nicole, Celecia, Holli
Identify, ethnicity, nationality, and violence (October 10) - How has racism factored into immigration laws over the past two centuries?  Will we ever reach a time when there is a no racism?
Alicia, Katie, Pollyanna
Determinism and Free Will (October 27) - The bombing of Hiroshima, the War in Iraq, and the situation in Liberia have been controversial for the United States.  According to one of Newton's laws, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Is the invading country morally responsible for the economic, cultural, environmental, and political demise of the country invaded?
Brandy, Aimee, Kendra
Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics (November 5) - Sometimes our world seems to be out of control.  We continue to try to go faster and faster.  Discuss man's quest for speed.  Will there come a time when space travel will be a viable form of transportation?
Jarod, Leeanna, Leanne
Environmental Ethics (November 14) - There seem to be more and more tornados in this area of the country right now.  Is this a product of global warming?  Is there anything that can be done to reverse the damage that has already been done to our environment?
Jacky, Amity, Erin
Economics/Politics (November 24) - If you were running for the President of the United States, what policies would you introduce that would stabilize the economy, provide for job security among all Americans, and promote free trade among all nations?
Rod, Tim

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