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Presidential First Ladies

Pamela R. Dennis, ILS 616-70

Instructor - Dr. Liu

Summer 2002

For ILS 616-70, Social Science - Literature and Sources, offered in the Summer 2002 at Southern Connecticut State University, students were to create a Disciplinary Pathfinder, developed through a series of projects. First, the student was to interview a Social Science specialist concerning a current research project in a given discipline. Then, a bio-bibliogrpahy was to be created about a significant figure in the discipline and a book was to read written by that individual. Finally, the current state of information flow was to be discussed showing sources for information in the discipline. All of the above information was to be used to create a Pathfinder for the discipline that could be used in a Reference situation. By clicking on the links below, you will find my interview with Melissa Moore at Union University, a bio-bibliography of Rosalynn Carter, a statement on the information flow of resources in the American history field, and a Pathfinder for locating basic resources on presidential First Ladies.  Additionally, I have created a separate link to information about individual First Ladies, the information for which was collected from FirstSearch's WordCat and ArticlesFirst as well as from prominent web sites related to the topic.



Information Flow


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Individual First Ladies

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