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Presidential First Ladies

American Historical Research

Most most information concerning the First Ladies is found in juvenile books and websites, information can be found concerning the time periods and presidential terms through standard American history resources.  Reference books that can be particularly helpful are the following:

America: History and Life.  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1964-.

Annals of America, The.  Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1968-1974, 21 vol.s.

Atlas of American History.  2d rev. ed.  New York:  Scribners, 1984.


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Blazek, Ron, and Anna H. Perrault.  United States History: A Selective Guide to Information Sources.  Englewood, CO:  Libraries Unlimited, 1994.

Carruth, Gorton.  The Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates.  9th ed.  New York:  HarperCollins, 1993.

Chronicle of America.  Rev. ed.  New York:  DK Publishing, 1995.


Crystal, David, ed.  The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia.  New York:  Cambridge University Press, 1994.


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Hart, Albert Bushnell.  American Nations:  A History from Original Sources by Associated Scholars.  New York:  Harper and Row, 1904-1918. 28 vol.s


Historic Documents, 1972-  .  Washington, DC:  Congressional Quarterly.  Annual.


History of American Life.  New York:  Macmillan, 1929-1948, 13 vol.s


James, Edward T.  Notable American Women, 1607-1950.  Cambridge, MA:  Belknap Press of Harvard university Press, 1974.

Kuehl, Warren F.  Dissertations in History: An Index to Dissertations Completed in History Departments of United States and Canadian Universities, 1873-1960.  Lexington: University of  Kentucky Press, 1965. rep. In 1972, 1985, and 1994.


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United States.  National Historical Publications Commission.  A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the United States.  Edited by Philip M. Hamer.  New Haven, CT:  Yale University Press, 1961.


Writings on American History: A Subject Bibliography of Articles.  Millwood, NY:  Kraus International., 1974-1990.



Newspapers and journal articles are also helpful in research in the American history discipline.  They are parituclarly useful because of their currency.


Historical Newspapers Online (London:  Chadwyck-Healey) includes index and full text of The Times of London (1970-early 1970s), index to The New York Times (1851-1923)

American History

American History Illustrated

Civil War History

Current History

Journal of American History

Journal of Women's History

Presidential Studies Quarterly

Reader's Companion to American History

Social Science Journal



Finally, some web sites and databases include vast amounts of information in American history and are updated on a regular basis.  Not only do the articles themselves provide information, but they provide links to other matieral.


American Memory.  Washington, DC:  Library of Congress (http://lcweb2.loc.gov)


HNSource (http://www.ku.edu/history/hnsource_main.html)


Presidential First Ladies