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Philosophy of Church Music

Philosophy of Church Music

5 pages, double-spaced plus cover sheet

Items to include -

Why you think music is necessary in the worship service

Thought (historical) - the use of music in the worship service has changed relatively little since biblical times. How has church music been interpreted by various generations of people to reach its present state?

Thought (physical) - the human has five senses. In addition to singing, how might you use these senses to enhance musical worship in the service?

Thought (philosophical) - is your philosophy based on your own enjoyment of music or would it be beneficial in aiding the congregation at large to worship?

Thought (philosophical) - Kierkegaarde stated that our worship services are performed for God who is the audience. How does this philosophy impact your own philosophy?

Thought (administrative) - The life of the Minister of Music includes continual training and learning, planning, stress, mundane as well as exciting moments, almost 24-hour responsibilities, and self-sacrificing service. How is this idea incorporated into your philosophy?

Thought (practical) - How will your philosophy aid in teaching the choir and congregation about church music?

Thought (practical) - How will your philosophy aid all ages of the church in their journey toward true worship (including children, youth, young adults, senior adults)?

Thought (practical) - Some Ministers of Music state that they do not worship with their congregations during the service because of the numerous responsibilities in planning and executing the service itself. From where does your source of strength come for ministering to the congregation so that you can get past the little things and worship with the congregation?


Church Music