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Hustad - True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder and Majesty



1. Briefly describe the evolution of contemporary Christian worship.
2. What is a paradigm shift?

Chapter 1 - Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth

1. What are four possible types of worship music?
2. What is meant by the word "worship"?
3. In Amos 5:21-24, is God condemning sacred music?
4. What is formalism?

Chapter 2 - Worshiping God in Cognition and Affecting Truth

1. Why is it important to worship with the mind and heart?
2. What is the difference in left-brain and right-brain knowing?
3. Why is it important to provide the text to instrumental music?
4. How can the Minister of Music make the text more understandable in congregational song? in choral, solo, and other noncongregational song? in instrumental music? in dance? in Scripture reading? in praying? in preaching? in conducting the Lord's Supper?

Chapter 3 - Worshiping God in Theological Truth

1. What is meant by theological homogenization?
2. What does Peter Hochen list as the nine essential elements in charistmatic renewal?
3. How can you ensure that worship is the action of the whole congregation?

Chapter 4 - Worshiping God in Biblical Truth

1. What Scripture demonstrates that a congregational "amen" should end prayers of the people?
2. What is meant by "sola Scriptura"?
3. What are the parts of Calvin's Geneva worship order?
4. What are biblical arguments for and against using musical instruments in the church?
5. When is clapping not acceptable in the worship service?
6. What is the difference in thanksgiving, praise, and worship?
7. Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 mention psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. What might these terms refer to?

Chapter 5 - Worshiping God as the Community of Faith

1. What is meant by the term "ekklesia"?
2. What are possible resasons why people do not attend church?
3. What are problems with providing divided worship for believers?
4. What is a contemporary traditional service and how might it provide a solution to the divided worship plan?

Chapter 6 - Worshoping God in Cultural Truth

1. Give a brief history of the move in church music from the Reformation to Christian radio.
2. What is the difference between entertainment and worship?

Chapter 7 - Worshiping God in Artistic Truth

Chapter 8 - Worshiping God in Liturgical Truth

1. What is iconoclasm?
2. What are nine apostolic examples in the church and biblical passages that support them?
3. What is an Old Testament model for worship? Explain its various parts.
4. Why does Hustad say that the Genevan Order of Worship fills in gaps left by the Willow Creek New Community service?

Chapter 9 - Worshiping God in Educational Truth

1. Briefly describe the history of music education in America.
2. How can the church's newsletter provide a venue for educating the congregation about church music?

Church Music