Reference and Information Resources and Services


Reference journal

Application of Concepts

Dr. Yan Liu
Course Description
General reference sources, their content, evaluation and use.  Introduction to the process and the organization of reference and information sources as they relate to different types of libraries.
Course Objectives
1.  Describe the nature of reference service and information services
2.  Describe how reference and information services are operated
3.  Conduct a reference interview
4.  Describe the general characteristics of electronic and paper resources
5.  Describe in detail about 150 important print reference resources
6.  Answer reference and informatoin questions using electronic resources
7.  Answer reference and information questions using print resources
8.  Be familiar with reference sources on the Internet
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William A. Katz, Introduction to Reference Work, Volumes I & II, 8th ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002).
Ernest C. Ackerman and Karen Hartman,  The Information Specialist Guide to Researching on the Internet & the World Wide Web, Millennium ed.  (Wilsonville: Bedle & Associates, 2000).

Pamela R. Dennis