Foundations of Librarianship


Service project

Application of Concepts

Jodi Williams
Course Description
The development, structure and function of library/information science agencies
Course Objectives
1.  Trace the development of writing, books, and libraries.
2.  Develop and state a philosophy of service for a particular type library/information agency.
3.  Develop a philosophy of intellectual freedom and cite appropriate actions an administrator can take to defend that philosophy from challenge.
4.  List leaders in the field, historical and contemporary, and cite their contributions.
5.  Cite external and internal influence and state the implications for library/information agencies.
6.  Compare the organizing structures of various types of libraries--similarities and differences.
7.  Compare standards for types of libraries.
8.  Describe selected professional organizations and compare their views on the profession.
9.  Trace the development of library education.
10. Cite trends in the field and describe implications for the profession.
11. Analyze problems and propose alternative solutions where appropriate.
Richard E. Rubin, Foundations of Library and Information Science (New York:  Neal & Schuman, 2000).

Pamela R. Dennis