Advanced Reference
Application of Concepts


Annotated Readings
Creating Handouts and Exercises
Dialog project 1
Dialog project 2
DIG_LIB Listserv
EBSCO Online Lab
Evaluation of Reference Sources
Information Portals
Live Chat Reference Service
Meta vs. search engine
Public and Academic Library Websites
Reference Policy Statement
Virtual Reference Form

Electronic resources were covered in depth through this course.  I learned that the average patron may not be comfortable asking a question of a librarian face to face.  Therefore, it is important to have a good library web page and instruction tools that can be accessed remotely.  I learned more advanced searching tools for finding information on the Internet and was introduced to Dialog and its search format.  This skill has helped in selecting databases and in configuring current reference tools to better facilitate the user.  Because I have found that most librarians who have no music degree are uncomfortable with questions related to music, I was able to develop a resource guide specifically designed for the music student and librarian to present basic sources available for answering music-specific questions.

Advanced Reference